Quany’s Community Event July 2017

A big thank you to all our members for making Saturday such a great morning! The State of Origin Challenge consisted of 6 activities including:

  • The human knot
  • Under-Over tunnel ball (with medicine balls)
  • 3 legged relay
  • Egg & spoon race (holding a spoon in your mouth)
  • Water bomb catch
  • Cup fill with tease-spoon

It was a close contest but in the end NSW took out the victory.

Looking forward to seeing you all next month!


New machine and bench upholstery is done!

Quany’s Record Board Results!

Congratulations to overall champions Annaleise and Ivan! A shout out to everyone else who won a medal in there individual events, including Dan, Adrian, and Derek (pictured below)! Check out the full results –

18839618_1525004657539310_5082644928377571788_o 18880187_1525004997539276_2731452011814032884_o 18836928_1525004684205974_8832135915758573034_o 18815454_1525004967539279_1354200122349109844_o Ivan O Record Board Annaleise Valle Record Board - Copy (2)

Quany’s Community Event (3rd June)

This past Saturday, the Quany’s team was put through its’ paces in our first ‘Train Your Trainer’ event. As you can see in the photos below we got put through our paces, but our training turned particularly  interesting when Quany was made to do squats with heels on (thanks Rhondda!).

Congratulations to the winners of the Record Board Challenge – Annaleise & Ivan, as well as Dan, Adrian, and Derek who also collected medals for winning individual events. We will be posting the full results in the coming days.

A big thank you to all our members who turned up and enjoyed the free breakfast! We look forward to see you at the next event in July!

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Quany’s Easter Egg Hunt!

Over the Easter break, we hid a number of Easter eggs throughout the gym. Well done to Ryleigh, Matthew, Ariana, Sudha, James, and Meagan for finding them! Free Quany’s protein shakers will be awarded to these guys and girls at our Community Event on Saturday April 22nd!

The clues and egg locations were as follows:

Clue #1: You always need me to train // Location: Inside a hire towel

Clue #2: Don’t think outside of the box // Location: In the first aid box

Clue #3: I determine the height of your step // Location: Under a step up platform

Clue #4: I protect you from the sun // Location: Under Quany’s Gym trucker cap on display shelf

Clue #5: I’m at the base of the tree // Location: Inside the base of the light dumbbell tree

Clue #6: Need any assistance? // Location: Inside spare lifting belt and straps box

Clue #7: I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! // Location: Inside 5kg bumber plate stack

Clue #8: Dance and cheer, Easter is here! // Location: Underneath the ‘MIVIDA MOVEMENT’ dance poster in the classroom


Quany’s Community Event 14th March!

💥💥 Tuesday 14th March at 6PM, we will be hosting our second round of Record Board Challenges 💥💥 .

Events on the night will include:
– 1RM Bench Press
– Max reps of body weight squats (2 minute time limit)
– Max heaves in 2 minutes

If you currently hold a record, make sure you get down here to defend your TITLE! Looking forward to seeing you all!#quanysrecordboardprep#quanysgym #quanysmembersgym

Monday nights!

Smashing out some leg press! #quanysgym #quanysmembergym

Simeon Panda at Quany’s Gym!

Awesome to have Simeon Panda come into The Members Gym for a session a couple of weeks ago! We really appreciated the time he took out of his workout to stop to chat and take photos with some of the members, what a great guy! Here’s what he had to say about the gym –

“Had a great session at Quany’s Gym in East Brisbane, basically I googled ‘Hardcore Gym’ and wasn’t disappointed. Old school equipment just has a different feel.”

Thank you for the kind words Simeon!

Change to Staffed Hours

Hey guys, just letting everyone know we’ll have a small change to our staff hours starting from November. There will no longer be staff hours on Sunday. We will be staffed from 6-11am and 4-8pm EVERY week day and 7-11am on Saturdays. This is just to keep things simple for everyone and allow us to help more people during our more busy times.

Thanks everyone, train hard!