Quany’s Easter Egg Hunt!

Over the Easter break, we hid a number of Easter eggs throughout the gym. Well done to Ryleigh, Matthew, Ariana, Sudha, James, and Meagan for finding them! Free Quany’s protein shakers will be awarded to these guys and girls at our Community Event on Saturday April 22nd!

The clues and egg locations were as follows:

Clue #1: You always need me to train // Location: Inside a hire towel

Clue #2: Don’t think outside of the box // Location: In the first aid box

Clue #3: I determine the height of your step // Location: Under a step up platform

Clue #4: I protect you from the sun // Location: Under Quany’s Gym trucker cap on display shelf

Clue #5: I’m at the base of the tree // Location: Inside the base of the light dumbbell tree

Clue #6: Need any assistance? // Location: Inside spare lifting belt and straps box

Clue #7: I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! // Location: Inside 5kg bumber plate stack

Clue #8: Dance and cheer, Easter is here! // Location: Underneath the ‘MIVIDA MOVEMENT’ dance poster in the classroom