Quany's is 'The Member's Gym'... it aims to improve our member's quality of life by providing facilities, services and an environment that supports them in growing stronger. We are an independent, family-run gym that encourages hard work and proper training. We listen to our members suggestions and strive to meet their need's.

We are committed to helping our members get the most out of their training, which is why we offer a free body assessment and Inbody 360 scan when you join us!. This personal assessment covers important topics such as postural analysis, expert knowledge and experience with correct technique and form for injury prevention, goal setting and of course nutrition amongst other key factors to reaching your true and fullest potential.

Our members have described us as "An honest gym, with old school customer service, affordable pricing and all the equipment you need"
We think this is pretty cool, but don't take our word for it, come in a check us out for yourself!