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Quany’s Gym aims to improve our members’ quality of life by providing facilities, services, and an environment that supports them in growing stronger. We are an independent, family-run gym that encourages hard work and proper training.

We are committed to helping our members get the most out of our training, which is why we offer a free body assessment when you join us!

Why is a Body Assessment (BA) important?

Quany’s Gym emphasises the importance of posture and corrective exercises. Because of the way we work and rest – e.g. primarily sitting, or doing other repetitive movements, we develop imbalances in certain muscles that hinder our ability to move optimally. A Body Assessment with one of our trainers is an opportunity to identify these imbalances, and set a plan to turn these weaknesses into strengths!

What’s involved in my BA?

An analysis of your posture, measurements & skin folds, and a discussion about your personal goals at the gym! Recording this info means we can easily track your progress!

When can I do a BA?

Any time! When you first join us at Quany’s one of our trainers will get in touch with you and make a time!


As low as $12.50 a week!

That’s just 3 coffees! So get to the gym instead of your café stop and your new energized self won’t even need that caffeine hit once you feel the effects of your new training regime…

Quany’s has made achieving your fitness goals that much easier with really affordable membership option’s you won’t find at other Gym’s. With awesome equipment, support and encouragement from staff and members, you get far more than you would expect for the price.

What Our Members Say

Great gym! I exercise most morning’s and the extended outside excercise area means I get to workout in the morning sun! So good!”

Great service! Staff is amazing, friendly and beautiful. Great music, refreshing atmosphere and nice to do while the car is getting tyres across the road.

Quanys is a no nonsense, get your program done type of gym. Plenty of equipment, cool staff and a good training atmosphere. Five of my friends also train there and we all agree it’s a great gym.

Very friendly gym! Helpful & attentive staff! Definitely a comfortable environment.

Great alternative to the big names. Real people who care about your goals & great mix of equipment including plenty of free weights.

Good range of equipment to suit everyone. And they listen to members’ requests. These guys can help anyone improve their fitness and strength – no matter your age, size, gender, natural fitness ability, crankiness level or (un)coordination level. They rock. Personal service when you need it, leave you alone when you don’t. No BS, no hard sell. Keep up the good work guys.

Excellent gym, top staff and the members are all friendly and get along. Solid gym

I have been a member of Quany’s since it opened, and it’s the happiest I have ever been with a Gym membership. Membership is affordable, staff are friendly and always happy to help. The Gym has an old school appearance and feel to it. I recommend Quany’s to anyone who is looking for a good no-nonsense Gym.